QuadraMail powered the eNewsletter campaign for Provident Financial Services of New Jersey. This community bank liked the idea of an electronic customer newsletter, but lacked the staffing and technology resources to make it happen. QuadraMail provided this solution. Working with Financial Wisdom, QuadraMail was able to facilitate the distribution and management of Provident Financial Services' financial eNewsletters, an important part of their overall marketing platform.

The role of electronic communications is changing the way banks communicate and the way customers handle their finances. Just like websites have become important marketing tools, eNewsletters sent via opt-in email are becoming the communication channel of choice for many consumers.

Forrester Research found that "Email conversations based on customer motivations and buying cycles will make email relevant and increase its value. Developing these conversations requires a scenario-based approach built on segmentations and sequencing." QuadraMail provides this approach for Provident Financial Services, and an increasing number of valued clients.

Endai's work with Provident was featured in articles in the October and December 2003 issues of ABA Bank Marketing Magazine. These articles explain the benefits of web and email marketing, and the success of the Endai-Provident team. The following is an excerpt from the December 2003 issue:

"To increase the number of customers that Provident Financial Services can reach via email, their out-source firm, Endai Worldwide, developed a permission-based email append program. Using a network of opt-in permission-based lists, they sent a message to subscribers whose postal address matched the ones on file at the bank. The test message asked if these consumers would be willing to receive email from the bank. Because they're 'still very much a home-style bank,' according to Brian Bruno, vice president of marketing development at the Jersey City-based bank, they were very willing to communicate via e-mail, and the project delivered a higher than expected match rate."

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