QuadraMail allows you to create, manage, and store lists of any size to be used in your email campaigns. Within these lists you can store detailed information about your customers and subscribers, which can be used to deliver mail to specific segments within your database. Uploading your data is flexible and easy - you have the choice of uploading your own list or direct integration with QuadraMail systems. The lists are presented and managed through a simple function and format, where you can easily view or edit your own subscriber lists.

Within your QuadraMail database, you can load, view and edit your creatives. The creatives may be loaded from a pre-existing file or copied and pasted into a form. We support text, HTML, or hybrid - based formats, which allows for the version appropriate for each specific customer to be delivered. You can also create custom headers and footers to be used in your emails. QuadraMail makes it easy for you to control and manage your creatives, in the format most convenient for you and your customers.

In your mail delivery, QuadraMail allows you to send mail to customized recipients. You can mail to all of your lists, or send mail to any combination of lists. Mail can also be filtered through desired segments, to reach subscribers with specific criteria. You can schedule an email drop for immediate delivery or for any time in the future - you can schedule all campaigns for the month in one sitting, and we'll take care of the rest!

QuadraMail's Real-Time Reporting tracks and details your email campaigns. You can view the status of emails which are scheduled, in progress, or completed. Our system tracks the number of opens and clicks (total and unique) and allows you to easily access this information. You can use this data in future campaigns to mail just those that have opened your mail in the past. These reports are an easy, reliable, and extremely useful part of your email marketing strategy.

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