Email is by far the most widely used application on the Internet. QuadraMail lets you target relevant offers to consumers where they spend most of their time - in their email inbox. Whether your goal is to acquire new prospects, or turn existing prospects into clients, QuadraMail can deliver.

Email newsletters provide a way to maintain communication with your existing clients in a fast, personal, and cost-efficient manner. Used effectively, newsletters can help your sales team shorten the sales cycle, keep your company fresh in the minds of your clients, and provide ongoing opportunities for cross-and up-sales.

Email marketing campaigns can be deployed in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional direct mail. Whereas a typical direct mail campaign may cost in the dollars per recipient and take over a month to complete, a direct email campaign can be reduced to pennies per recipient and be completed in hours. In addition, templates can be initially developed and used again and again, or can be easily modified for future campaigns.

Unlike traditional direct mail, you can expect to see responses and orders just minutes after deploying an email campaign. In addition, more than 80% of responses to email campaigns occur within 3 days, whereas it typically takes weeks for the same level of response from direct mail. QuadraMail's real-time tracking allows you to easily test which message gets the best response, and alter your campaign accordingly.

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